Monday, April 30, 2007

Prisoner Abuse In Afghanistan

Geez, can our Conservative friends in Ottawa shut up for a day or two? At the rate they're going, I'm going to have carpal tunnel syndrome from pointing out their incredible errors!

The latest comes to us via Stockwell Day, Minister for Public Safety. In the ongoing travesty around the handling of detainees in Afghanistan, we find our government's very own "Curly" can't even get the story straight with either Harper (Larry) or O'Connor (Moe) on the Afghanistan detainees issue.

This story has changed and flipped so many times, I'm getting dizzy from watching the Tory spin machine tripping over itself as it whirls about. One day the story is that the whole thing is balderdash; the next we have someone else telling us that they have 'assurances' from the Afghans; the day after that, someone else tells us of a "new agreement"; and now we have Day admitting that just maybe there have been allegations made.

When three senior members of Cabinet can't get the story straight between them, one can only surmise that one or more of them is lying through his teeth. Given the ongoing ineptitude that this government has shown, I'm going to guess that all three are full of it, and worse, they are so utterly incompetent that they can't even get their lies straight.

...and just what is really going on in Afghanistan is anybody's guess, since it's becoming increasingly clear that the government is deceiving the public on more and more fronts.

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