Friday, April 13, 2007

They Don't Know Right From Wrong

In whipping himself into a lather over the Sponsorship Scandal, Stephen Harper said something to the effect of "They don't know right from wrong" referring to the Liberals.

Well, it seems that he is no better himself. In recent days, we've begun to hear about Paul Wolfowitz's dishonorable conduct as head of The World Bank Group. The particulars of Wolfowitz's conduct are immaterial here - he abused his position and authority and got caught.

It was the comments from Canada's Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty that caught me. Apparently, he thinks Wolfowitz didn't do anything wrong. This coming from the man who controls the purse strings in Ottawa, and holds only slightly less sway than the Prime Minister as a result. He can't see anything wrong with Wolfowitz breaking the rules - in fact, he apologizes for Wolfowitz, and tries to paint it all as a giant media conspiracy.

Talk about not being able to tell right from wrong!

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Alison said...

Oh - excellent catch, Grog!

And not part of the point you were making, but I loved this:

"Canada wants to see an IMF that is more representative of the global economy and one with all the tools it needs to achieve the critical goal of global financial stability," Flaherty said.

Canada wants to increase the IMF's policing function and give it more teeth in dealing with countries that don't abide by established market-based rules while decreasing its lending function."

So an organization whose primary function of stabilizing world markets through loans, and which has increasingly become the imperial arm of US corporatism to the detriment of the economies of those loanees, is thinking of getting out of the loaning biz and into the shylocking biz.

Yes, by all means, do let's have even more of those established market-based rules