Saturday, April 07, 2007

My, my...

How intriguing ... a brief bit of pawing through the neo-separatist website "Project Alberta", I learned a few things of interest.

First, this person has resigned as the CEO of this organization.

Okay, CCC is busy redesigning their website - which I thought was interesting to begin with, as the redesign suggests a significant change in direction for the group - one that didn't make a lot of sense under its previous leadership.

However, it's what's said in the resignation letter that I find intriguing:

In the years I have served the organization we have accomplished many things from being very instrumental in helping Stephen Harper become leader of the Canadian Alliance and the Conservative Party of Canada to our fight against Human Rights Commissions in defence of the family.

The assumptions here are too many to ignore - I have no idea just how some of the things which have been said by and on behalf of "CCC" have anything to do with "defending" the notion of family - they've been little more than blatant expressions of the kind of thing that gives the word "conservative" a bad name.

Firstly, I will be seeking office soon. I do not mean helping out a friend and putting my name on a ballot to help out a struggling party as I did in 1997 with the Social Credit Party. I do not mean running for leadership to deliver a much needed message as I did when I ran for leader of the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. I am actually seeking office to win. I believe, as do others that I will be much more effective for the movement in an elected capacity.

How fascinating - it seems that in the wake of Ralph Klein's departure, all sorts of interesting creatures are surfacing with designs on seats in the legislature.

Secondly, I have found service in the social conservative movement, frustrating at best. I have never witnessed a more tribal grouping of people in my life. The people I am refering to are the groups who are supposed to represent Christian interests etc... The best way to describe the back biting, cold shoulders or attacks is with scripture. The verse that comes to mind can be found in Galatians 5: 15 - "But if you bite and devour one another, take heed that you are not consumed by one another". appears that someone is just beginning to figure out that even within a "movement" there is going to be dissention - and that unity in the case of religious conservatives only goes as far as they interpret scripture similarly for their political ends.

have also been a little troubled that when the Concerned Christians Canada Inc (CCC) is in a massive Human Rights Tribunal the only substantial monies contributed to our legal funds have come from the United States of America and the Alliance Defense Fund. Canada's Christians and social conservatives have not been forthcoming.

There's two points to this paragraph. First is a hint that CCC has had significant funding from American-based evangelical lobby groups - such as Alliance Defense Fund. I've suspected this for quite some time, but haven't had anything to substantiate the suspicion.

The second point of note is that CCC is involved in the suit(s) before various Canadian human rights bodies - as I have noted back here - at least in part as a result of the now resigning CEO's own actions. Given what I found recently on another website owned by the same individual, one has to suspect that things aren't going "as planned" with the various Human Rights complaints at play.

However, seeing this character entering public politics is bothersome - and I hear rumours that this individual is planning to seek a tory nomination somewhere in Calgary as well. (For those not familiar with Mciver's history, his campaigns have been managed by the same individual in the past - and I suspect they remain fairly close).

If this is in fact the case, what we likely have here is a move afoot to swing the provincial PC's even further to the social right wing than they already are.

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