Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dear Ms. Landolt:, you do not have the right to speak for me or other Canadians.

When you wrote your "apology" to the world, along with your ideological brethren McVety and Rushfeldt, you claimed to speak for Canadians. Wrong - this is one Canadian you do not speak for, and I know I am not alone.

We are grieved and troubled as we consider the impact this is having in weakening the fundamental institution of marriage in countries and cultures around the world. We understand that because Canada does not impose citizenship or residency requirements in order for same-sex individuals to be “married” here, couples are coming to Canada to seek legal sanction for their homosexual relationships with the intent of returning to their own countries to challenge those countries’ legal definition of marriage.

Frankly, your wording here is offensive in the extreme - especially to those of us who respect the notion of a civil, egalitarian society. Your use of quotation marks around the word marriage is offensive and denigrating to everybody who is married under Canadian law.

Our government and courts only considered adult “rights.” Among other things, the impact on children’s rights, children’s education, parental rights, religious rights, adoption, the economy and family law were never fully considered. Changes were implemented quickly and without a genuinely free vote in our federal parliament.

Ummm...frankly this entire paragraph is pure assertion, and blind bullshit. You are inferring negative impact without so much as one iota of comprehensible reasoning. Of course, you come from the same group of narrow-minded pinheaded thinking that insists that a child who sees a gay couple is going to be irrevocably damaged for the rest of their life. (Oddly - this runs contrary to rational research which finds otherwise, but then, nobody expects you to be rational)

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