Sunday, April 22, 2007

Conservatives - Avoiding "Getting Anything Done"

Canada's gnu Government is once again doing everything it can to avoid the environment portfolio.

In the light of demonstrations on Earth Day, Environment Minister Baird (you know - big loudmouthed guy only slightly less oily than Jason Kenney) evades the public:

The Conservative government was notable by its absence at the events, but Environment Minister John Baird chose another forum to deliver his message.

Baird defended the Tory decision to abandon emission targets in the Kyoto Protocol in an interview on CTV's Question Period. He insisted the government has a better idea.

"The choice is not between Kyoto, strictly adhered to, and doing nothing,'' said Baird.

"We'll come forward with a tough approach, a balanced approach.''

So far, Baird's "tough balanced" approach has contributed more CO2 to the atmosphere than a herd of flatulent cows. It's been all talking wind and no action since Harper came into office - whether you are talking about Baird or Ambrose, all the Conservatives have issued has been smoke on the subject.

Like everything else Harper's government has done, it's all about doing as little as possible - in the least accountable way imaginable.

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Anonymous said...

And while they are doing nothing they are dismantling policies and programs that were put into place by the Liberals, resurrecting those same programs but with half the funding and watered down wording, and then claiming that the Liberals did nothing about the Kyoto accord. Typical lying Neo-Cons.