Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Conservatives - Drive By Smear and Message Control

Say what you will about Garth Turner, but he's been pretty up front about what he believes, and what he is doing.

It's a shame that our Conservative government isn't capable of the same thing.

Not only is the CPoC government going out of its way to shut down Turner's "MPtv" project, but it seems that some lower level minions in the party are now working to spin/twist/fold and mutilate his words:

But the fact Hill would put so much effort this week into shutting down MPtv tells me something, and it is this: Conservatives are not feeling confidently positive about the future when they have to try and kill me off again. I mean, how many times is this? Is my dinky little webcasting experiment that much of a threat to the Harper machine?

Then the meter went code red with an email from a blog visitor asking, “have you seen this?”

“This” turned out to be an attack on me, and the credibility of this blog, published yesterday on the Tory web site, In the best tradition of hack journalists, spin doctors and public opinion manipulators, the stable of partisan writers that the Conservatives keep locked in a room deep beneath Metcalfe Street in downtown Ottawa, had created an online article claiming I actually support Jim Flaherty’s taxing of income trusts.

To a certain extent, trashing Garth is fair game - like any other public figure, he's put himself and his opinions on the stage.

However, there's a big difference between attacking what he's said, and twisting what he's said by yanking it entirely out of context.

The Conservative attempts to hamper and disable MPtv merely underscore the fact that Stephen Harper can't stand a dissenting opinion, and will do everything in his power to squash it.

- Canada's Gnu Government - more open, accountable and honest? ... unless you are "inconvenient"...

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