Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Conservative Government "Communications"

When Harper's Conservatives screw up, they do so monumentally...and then they compound the situation.

Tory emissions plan leaked to Liberals (we'll ignore the slightly Freudian undertones of that headline...)

It seems that some genius in the CPoC government offices dialed the wrong fax number, and delivered their fax straight into the Opposition's hands:

McGuinty said the speech was given to him after arriving on the Opposition lobby fax around 4:30 p.m. EDT. It was simply titled, "Remarks regulatory framework, Environment Minister John Baird, PC, MP."

A page handed him the remarks while he was in the House. The speech, dated April 25, did not have any stamp indicating the contents were secret or confidential.

Quickly thereafter a second fax addressed "To whom it may concern."

It contained a blunt warning: "You are in possession of confidential government information that was faxed to you in error in the last hour. You are asked to disregard its contents. Any sharing, reproduction or distribution of this material or its contents is strictly prohibited. The premature release of this information could constitute an offence under applicable securities or other legislation."

In typical Conservative fashion, the response is an attempt to strongarm people instead of admitting that they screwed up and dealing with the consequences honestly.

How accountable.

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