Saturday, January 28, 2017

Changing Education Curriculum

The Alberta Government kicked off a major review and overhaul of the province's school curricula in June of 2016.  Given that large tracts of the curricula haven't been reviewed or changed in a very long time, this seems to be a perfectly reasonable task for any government to undertake.

The current curriculum used by students is between eight and 30 years old. Some material predates the introduction of the internet, Eggen noted.. "The world is changing," he said. "We know that the 21st century career is involving using critical thinking skills to be able to process information, to access it and make evaluations on those higher levels."
 Ever since then, the right wing in this province has been losing their minds over what they call an "ideological" rewrite of curriculum.  PC leadership candidate Jason Kenney has been particularly vocal about this as well - calling it "ideological" and "social engineering".