Monday, April 16, 2007

And They Worry About Whose Morality ?!?

The circular hypocrisy of the so-called religious groups amazes me. In Calgary, we find a teacher charged with "sexual exploitation":

A teacher at a private religious school in Calgary has been charged with sexual exploitation, police said Monday.

Remember, this is the Calgary version of the same kind of organization that models itself after similar schools in the United States - you know the ones that do things like fire their staff when they decide to transition - for "not living a Christian lifestyle".

Remember, it's the so-called "religious right" that bleats the loudest when the topic of gay marriage arises, or divorce, or contraception - meanwhile the very people who are supposedly educating our youth are busy molesting them?

Let's not ignore the similarities between this case and the "pedophile priests" that the Roman Catholic clergy has been actively sheltering for decades - shuffling them quietly from diocese to diocese when the stench of their activities becomes too much to be ignored. (At least in this case, the perpetrator has been turned over to local authorities)


Anonymous said...

Well, of course you will never hear Calgary's Craig Chandler say one word about this on his FREEDOM RADIO NETWORK program. He's too busy ranting about how the homosexual lifestyle is a choice that is a threat to society. Maybe it will have to be one of their children that gets molested or gay-bashed before those reigh wing bigots wake up.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that Chandler's Freedom Radio Network are examples of ELECTRONIC BULLYING according to the Panel's decision 05/06-1959.

see the complete decision at: