Thursday, April 19, 2007

No, You Can't Change The Rules

It would seem that Rob Anders is no longer the valid nominee for Calgary West. An appeals court judge has ordered that a new nomination be held by June 30:

Justice Connie Hunt said she realizes Anders will be inconvenienced by having to fight another nomination battle in Calgary West, but party members should not be denied their democratic right to choose a candidate.

Gosh, Rob, you would be "inconvenienced" by having to fight another nomination campaign? Too bad. You and your bunch of corrupt cronies broke your own party's rules. Isn't the Conservative Party supposed to be all about grass-roots democracy and all that rot? Or is it just rotten?

In a move akin to lighting a scented candle in a bathroom after a particularly odorific event, we find Stephen Harper appointing Bert Brown to the Senate. Like other moves HarperCreep has made, this is nothing more than making a facade of reforming the senate, and does little in any real sense. (Unsurprising really - like his "Senate Elections" bill last fall, it's long on process and short on recognizing that the Senate is defined and described in the Constitution - and not as malleable as PMSH and crew might imagine. (It's also quite limited in its powers)

Yes, Steve and Rob, you shit and it doesn't smell roses - no matter what your delusional little bubbles may tell you.


Anonymous said...

-delusional little bubbles- only occur in the bathtub....


Anonymous said...

Well! What do you expect from that gang of supposiTORIES?