Monday, April 30, 2007

Canada Broadcast Standards Council Ruling Today

Via an anonymous commenter back here, we learn that CBSC has ruled on a complaint regarding Chandler's radio show.

While the ruling is not entirely critical of the radio show's hosts, it concludes with the following:

Not only has Freedom Radio stacked the odds against the complainant by directing virtually the entire half hour against the complainant, it has boasted that it will not only sue him and take the matter to the Supreme Court if necessary (which is their right to do), but it will not pay any fines that may be levied (in apparent disregard of the anticipated order of the duly constituted judicial authorities). It is rather arrogant to state baldly that “We won’t pay those.” The Panel considers the judicial assertions unfair and an example of electronic bullying, which is precisely the opposite of what is anticipated by the requirement of fairness in Clause 7.

* emphasis added

Which is more or less consistent for the approach of the individuals named in the ruling, as they seem to believe that the solution to everything they can't shout down is a lawsuit...a rather sad statement, IMO.

*H/T: "Anonymous" - thank you for being so vigilant watching these issues when I've been somewhat busy and less than fully attentive to them.

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