Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Remember Bush's "Surge"?

It doesn't seem to be having much effect at all.

The situation for civilians in Iraq is “ever-worsening,” even though security in some places has improved as a result of stepped-up efforts by U.S.-led multinational forces, the international Red Cross said Wednesday.

The IRC is probably a little more optimistic than I have been - they go on to state:

“Whatever operation that is today under way, and that may be taken tomorrow and in the weeks after, to improve the security of civilians on the ground may have an effect in the medium term,” said Pierre Kraehenbuehl, director of operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross, or ICRC.

“We're certainly not seeing an immediate effect in terms of stabilization for civilians currently. That is not our reading,” he said.

My opinion - and it is an opinion - is that Iraq will remain a seething disaster until the occupying forces withdraw.

Similarly, Afghanistan won't settle down much as long as there are foreign boots on the ground.

Now, Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Harper - just when are you going to wake up and recognize that military occupation of a foreign power will not change the political climate of that country substantially?

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