Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gee ... This Comes As No Surprise

It appears that our friends in the US State Department have been measuring the levels of "terrorist" activity for some time. Last year terrorist attacks increased overall.

One can only boggle at the Bush Administration's continued "War on Terror"(tm), both in the ridiculous insistence that they are "being effective", and unwillingness to face the cold reality of the situation.

Even if we accept the silly premise that invading Iraq had anything to do at all with "fighting terrorists", one would have to surmise that in fact invading Iraq did nothing to actually engage the terrorists per se. In fact, one might go so far as to argue that war in Iraq - and in Afghanistan - has been the catalyst in the increases in the levels of "terrorist" activity in the world.

And just to tie this back around to our oh-so-snide government in Canada, just how many "friends" do you think we are winning in Afghanistan by turning over detainees to keepers who are engaging in torture?

Frankly, I'm beginning to suspect that the government taking form in Afghanistan is going to turn out to be every bit as despotic as the Taliban - but they'll just be "western supported" despots instead of locally grown.

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