Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Many Times ...

Do we have to beat the religious nutbar crowd over the head with the fact that correlation does not equal causation???

Beating on the drum of "The Virginia Tech massacre was all the fault of liberal society", we find Lifesite bleating that Cho hired an escort service before he went on his rampage.

If only he couldn't have found that hooker, he wouldn't have gotten all frustrated with himself and killed a bunch of other students ... really!

Cho’s request for “escort services” and frustrated attempt at a sexual encounter combined with a pornographic addiction show how his mind was dangerously overloaded with sexual fantasies fueling his insane rage, frustration, and lack of self-worth.

Ummm...possible, but since Cho's dead, I'd suggest that it's purely conjecture. I'm sure that Cho's self-worth was pretty low - but I'd be very careful about inferring why it was.

I'd guess that hiring a prostitute (escort/whatever name you want to use) was likely more akin to what a suicidal person would do - go do "one last big thing", and then end it all. It's not uncommon - a former colleague of mine did that a few years ago - went on a trip abroad, and a short while after his return, he killed himself.

Cho was disturbed - of that there can be little question. To claim that we "know" why or how he got to the point where killing others seemed like a worthwhile thing to do is hubris at best, speculative and bad science at worst. Was it schoolyard bullying? Was it frustration over language barriers? Was Cho just suicidal from the start, and he decided to "go out with a splash"? Hard to say. It's just as easy to blame "gun culture" or rap music for what happened - but neither can be substantiated.

This ongoing attempt by the religious to point the finger of blame at "liberal" or "atheist" society is offensive to say the least.

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