Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baird's Smoking ...

I'm pretty sure it must be "B.C. Bud", because once again, the Conservatives have unveiled a "do-nothing" policy on climate.

Perhaps most telling about this "policy" statement is this:

The federal plan requires all cars and light trucks built after 2011 to meet new fuel-efficiency standards, which have not yet been set. Eventually vehicles like motorcycles, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles will be regulated too.

The government also wants to create and improve emissions standards for items like dishwashers, dehumidifiers, hot tubs and gas-fired furnaces.

As if to demonstrate the typical non-sequitur of Conservative government policy, we find Baird claiming:

Environment Minister John Baird said despite the inclusion of consumer goods in the plan, it will not take a financial toll on the average Canadian.

"That average middle-class family in Quebec, in British Columbia, in Ontario or out east shouldn't be asked to kick in support to help a polluter," Baird told CBC News after he announced his plan in Toronto.

He's either deluded, stupid or has a diminished understanding of the vaunted market economy that his party has always worshipped. If industry has to change its costs to reduce its emissions, or produce more efficient vehicles, the purchaser is always going to find the costs passed down to them. This is not advanced calculus, it's basic free enterprise economics.

You know it's bad when your own pet news outlet is slamming you...

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