Monday, April 23, 2007

Shorter Fundies: Have Sex, Get Cancer ... you deserve it

I simply cannot believe this piece of narrow-minded, asinine drivel.

Apparently, vaccinating young girls and women against HPV (a virus known to be causally related to cervical cancers) is somehow "giving them a license" to be "morally loose".

Beyond the sheer stupidity of the reasoning, I cannot believe that anyone would wish cancer upon someone else because they are "morally deficient" in the other person's view. I'm sorry - I've seen too many people die slow, painful deaths because of cancer, and none of them deserved it as people. (Does anyone deserve that kind of death?)

If the "right-to-life" crowd is so mean spirited as to wish our daughters to experience the trauma of cancer, then they are no more about life than the execution chamber in Texas.

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