Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wow - The Assumptions Just Boggle

Down in Florida, we find a 2-bit bigot who is currently sitting in the Mayor's chair.

Apparently he thinks that a GLBT-oriented library is going to contain all sorts of "hard core porn":

Mayor Naugle told that he opposed the project for two reasons. "Number one the city needs the space," he said. Secondly, the morning of the vote, it came to his attention that the Stonewall collection contained hard-core pornographic material depicting men committing anal intercourse. He commented, "I fear that we're the first city that has a hard-core porn collection in our public library." In addition, "it is housed in our main children's park."

How typical for the right-wingnut bigot crowd - anything involving the GLBT community must involve huge amounts of immoral, licentious material...or so the logic goes.

Reality intervenes, and we learn by a bit of search engine digging, that this is Stonewall Library, and unsurprisingly, we find quite a lengthy history which maps the organization's past from the early 1970s forward, and a mission statement that hardly sounds like a purveyor of vileness. I'm sure that there is a certain amount of erotic literature in the collection - but then again, anyone who has ever read Terry Goodkind will know that there's plenty of "erotica" in fiction to start with.

Of course, this is the same nitwit who claims:

Mayor Naugle, who voted against the library along with Commissioner Christine Teel, was already under fire for comments he made last week that sparked homosexual activists to a fury. On July 4 the Miami Herald published an interview with the mayor regarding the proposal of a new robotic toilet to be installed along the Florida beaches. The facility would have a security feature limiting occupant time by automatically opening its doors after a certain period. Naugle supported the new idea, saying, "Sometimes (public washrooms) are used for sexual activity-most of it is men meeting men because it's same-sex people in the bathrooms."
Naugle also made the following comment, "I don't use the word 'gay.' I use the word 'homosexual.' Most of them aren't gay. They're unhappy."

What a winner.

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