Friday, July 27, 2007

Fifteen Years Later...

And we're still hearing the fallout from Mulroney's shenanigans during the Airbus Affair.

Goodness knows who's really telling any truth here at this point. It seems to me that the old saw about "no honor among thieves" should be applied. Mulroney has fought tooth and nail anything that might have opened the books on the Airbus mess since he left office, which has long left the smell of rot in the air.

Schreiber fairs little better in this, as he made those payments (bribes perhaps?) to Mulroney. It isn't hard for this to seem like it is two thieves squabbling over the proceeds of a heist.

Frankly, if Harper wanted to do something that would actually be "open, honest and accountable" - he'd hold that long demanded public inquiry into the Airbus affair and get the whole thing on the table. Of course, he won't do that because Mulroney is one of Harper's key advisors.

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