Thursday, July 19, 2007

Naomi Lakritz on the Boissoin Case

Naomi Lakritz has an excellent commentary on the Boissoin hearings in Calgary this week:

There is indeed wickedness that needs reversing here, but it is not on the part of gays and lesbians.

The wickedness arises in the beliefs of those who claim a God-given right to target others for being different.

The human rights commission is the place to take the first steps to reverse it.

I note that Calgary's other newspaper - the Calgary Sun - has been working very hard not to cover it. (But then again, this comes from the same chain that gives voice to Michael Coren, the Byfields and Paul Jackson)


BC WaterBoy said...

Very, very well said. Kudos to her for telling the truth about these ridiculous religious freedom excuses for hate.

Anonymous said...

She says it all. I particularly like

It is profoundly dispiriting that people in a supposedly enlightened western society still see nothing wrong with waging a psychological and rhetorical war on others -- and to what end?


...any more than Boissoin sat down one day, weighed his options and made the conscious choice to be heterosexual.

But, even more promising than her comments, is the fact that this was actually published in a mainstream newspaper - get ready to squint people! We're beginning to emerge from the dark ages!

Anonymous said...

You all profoundly misunderstand the Christian position.

Christianity does not preach hatred for LGBT people.

What you call 'orientation' we call temptation.

What you all see as an identity, we see as a behavior.

We are ALL sinners. Homosexual acts are just one sin among thousands - if not millions of others. The fact that many people suffer from this particular temptation is NOT an indication that the 'rules' should be changed.

Note to anonymous: In ancient Greece it was typical for a man to have a wife for procreation and a boy for 'recreation' (pederasty).

Since one of the goals of homosexual activists is to eliminate age of consent laws I can only conclude we are not emerging from the 'dark ages' we are returning to them...