Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jaw Dropping Stupidity

I don't very often wade into the intellectual swamp that is the "Blogging Tories", but since Canadian Cynic pointed out this piece of drivel, and I'm in a mood to sandblast a soda cracker or two...

The author starts out with this little gem, and descends further into the depths of stupdity quite quickly:

140 years of Canada as a nation. It is a time to celebrate the great nation which we call home. This country, and as I mean this country, I mean the Dominion of Canada was founded as a Christian country. Queen Victoria was our sovereign, and we were ruled by the supremacy and authority of God. Fast forward to the 1960’s, the Government of Canada wanted the removal of the Red Ensign, because it contained Christian symbols, as well as British and French, and Canadian symbols. This led to the current Maple Leaf flag becoming Canada’s new official flag on February 15, 1965.

Of course,Canada was not a free, but a barbaric country before the introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. If you will believe the CBC, Globe and Mail and Toronto Star types, we Canadians had no freedoms, both politically and socially. Hog wash! It was our Christian way of life which gave us freedoms that we all enjoy pre Charter and up to today.

Why, yes, let's talk about some of what our Christian forebears did:

Used Chinese immigrants as expendable labour and then imposed a blatantly racist head tax on them.

Or imposed Residential Schools on our aboriginal population in a deluded effort to "assimilate" them. The consequences of which have only just begun to be felt.

Was it our "Christian" ancestors that gave rise to The Japanese Internment in WWII?

Or perhaps we should talk about how the colonizing powers from Europe wrote amazingly dishonest treaties with aboriginals to take their land?

Does the author also accept that supposed "christians" were no doubt behind Alberta's foray into Eugenics? (Being the overwhelming majority, of course)

Perhaps, the author has forgotten the oppressiveness of Maurice Duplessis' Quebec?

While Canada was unquestionably colonized by largely Christian culture from Western Europe, we would be foolish to blind ourselves to the arrogance and baggage that came with that culture.

- Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

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