Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not Adding Up

In the wake of the "Shampoo Bomber" plot in the UK last year, the world's airports and airlines banned taking such amazingly dangerous materials as shampoo, conditioner etc. - along with such potential weapons as safety razors.

Now, we find the US is allowing lighters back on aircraft.

Explosives remain the most significant threat to aviation," said TSA administrator Kip Hawley. "By enabling our officers to focus on the greatest threats, we are using our officers' time and energy more effectively and increasing security for passengers."

Ummm...hello? Is anybody home in there?! Butane, last I checked is flammable, and anything that's _that_ flammable _is_ a potential explosive...if you have enough of it...

Of course, reality intrudes, and we discover that it's all about money:

Lighters are the leading item seized at airport checkpoints, an average of more than 22,000 a day. It costs TSA $4 million a year to dispose of them because they contain hazardous materials.

Oh yes, and for all those potential terrorist mothers out there that want to feed their children breast milk (but use a bottle for whatever reason):

The other rule change on August 4 applies to mothers -- or anyone -- wanting to bring more than 3 ounces of breast milk onto an airplane. Under current rules, the passenger carrying the milk must be accompanied by an infant, but the new rules drop that requirement. The liquid will still have to be declared to screeners who might request additional inspection.

"This rule has been a pain for working mothers who pumped breast milk while on a business trip without their child and wanted to carry more than three ounces home with them." said TSA spokeswoman Ellen Howe. "They had to throw larger amounts in the trash and that was not only wasteful but emotionally charged."

The US government - making the skies safer for you by allowing flammables on airplanes, but keeping bottles of shampoo and breast milk off...I feel so much safer, don't you?


Anonymous said...

But what about the Mentos threat - anyone can carry a case of Mentos onto a passenger jet just loaded with diet soft drinks! Clearly we must ban all candies from airplanes!

If we don't strip everyone naked and anesthetise them before loading them onto the planes, the terrorists will succeed in taking away our freedoms!


Grog said...

There's half a dozen really vile images in there that I don't want to consider...