Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harper As Human Rights Enforcer

While Canada's past history is one of being a leader in the realm of human rights, the world would do well to consider our current Prime Minister as an exception. With Harper running around Latin America this week, we should be graced with more of Harper's pronouncements on human rights - much as he has lectured China on.

Let's consider Harper's record on human rights issues:

- On Israel's invasion of Lebanon, he called it a "measured response" while hundreds and thousands of civilian casualties were inflicted on Lebanese civilians.

- Cut and cancelled Canadian Government programs specifically designed to ensure that Canada's laws reflect key principles of human rights such as equality.

- His government has introduced numerous laws that breach the fundamental principles of a civil justice system - including the assumption of innocence.

- He and his government have consistently voted against equal treatment under law for GLBT people.

- A no-fly list that is arguably illegal and has no due process wrapped around it., who is this man to tell others about human rights?

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Anonymous said...

Harper's version of human rights is focused on the bible thumper who uses his/her religion as an excuse for prejudice. Religious freedom I think is the word they use to describe it.