Monday, July 16, 2007

Harper's Double Standards

Remember when Palestinians elected a Hamas government? Almost immediately Harper's government cut off anything to do with the Palestinian Authority. Or when Israel invaded Lebanon, he called it "measured"? Or perhaps his swaggering lecturing of China? Why, yes, I thought you might.

Harper's Washington-led neo-Con agenda was revealed a step or two more today. Harper began trade negotiations with Columbia, a country with a somewhat less than stellar human rights record.

Says PM Stevie:

Answering reporters who quoted human-rights groups critical of such a deal, Harper said it would be "ridiculous" not to pursue a trade relationship with Colombia, especially while the country is making strides towards improving its human rights record.

The hypocrisy of such a statement in light of other comments and actions of Harper's government is obvious. The man's double standards are a deplorable demonstration of the dogmatic rigidity of a neoCon who smells power.

There can only be one reason for this - it fits in with the Washington vision (hallucination?) of a US-led hegemony that penetrates the entire occidental hemisphere of our little world. While the "SPP" is primarily focused on the 3 major North American countries, I don't imagine it would hurt Washington's feelings to have a "buffer" zone of other countries that are "nearby".

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