Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boissoin's Testimony Yesterday

Is recorded in today's Globe and Mail.

"My opinion then and now is that a man having a romantic love with another man or a woman having romantic love with another woman is wrong," the 40-year-old automotive service centre worker told a panel of the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission.

"I do not hate the homosexual. I hate the practice," he said, adding that condoning the behaviour in front of children damages society.

Stop right there. At this point, Boissoin has already said he's essentially a bigot. The BS of "love the sinner, hate the sin" is sophistry at best, weaselly at worst.

Mr. Boissoin told the hearing that he stands by the letter, which he said was his small way of getting God's message out to the public.

"I do not speak for God. I felt at peace under God in writing the letter," he said.

When I see this kind of irresponsible drivel, I just want to throw up. Basically Boissoin is trying to tell us that he isn't responsible for his letter, rather his particular notion of "God The Micromanager" made him do it. What absolute crap. Christian fundamentalists (especially evangelicals it seems) are so big on "consequences" and "responsibility" for individual actions - it seems to me that Boissoin is simply trying to dodge responsibility for his own actions and feelings towards other people.

I just cannot believe that in this day and age there are those who continue to use the "God made me do it" defense.

Just to give us a little insight into the thuggish nature of those who have been "supporting" Boissoin, consider this little gem:

Prof. Alderson, who testified on Prof. Lund's behalf, said he received a piece of "hate mail" after he wrote his own letter of concern to the commission last year.

"Sodomites like Kevin Alderson will burn in hell," the one-page handwritten letter said. "Repent or face the judgment of God. Laugh off this note if you wish, but you are being watched."

Now, obviously we don't have the full picture here, but this seems to be much the same sort of bullying tactic that has been used against Lund ever since he filed his complaint. Lund has been the subject of a variety of attacks by Boissoin's supporters since this case was opened - from harrassment campaigns to lawsuits.

It's amazing the lengths that people will go to trying to avoid being held accountable for their actions.


Anonymous said...

First question - just which deity did you feel at peace with?

Was it Allah? Perhaps Brahman? Or maybe Vishnu or Shiva? What about The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or perhaps one of Baal, Beelzebub, or Set? Or maybe, just maybe, you are naming as deity those little schizophrenic voices that rattle around in your head.

Some would use that same 'at peace' with the 'voice' argument to justify acts of murder and violence. Hmmm... I guess it just depends on the name you give YOUR voices.

But, that's OK... I understand that if writing and publicly distributing your hate literature promoting bigotry makes YOU feel at peace, than it must be OK. After all, the feelings of those you deem lesser certainly don't matter at all.

After all, if you do it in the name of 'Allah' it MUST be the right thing to do. It the religious trend in the Middle East to declare "Allāhu Akbar" during prayer, in times of joy and sorrow, or times of war; in all actions great and small done for the glorification of god.

Sometimes it seems that it would be simpler if they would just declare to the world that you're doing it for Baal. It would help eliminate the moral swampland that drags the name of religion into the pits of hades.

Anonymous said...

The use of god is a convenient excuse and oft used to justify prejudice. I find it rather odd that persons like Boisson ignore the other 99.9% of their precious bible and focus so much on gays. It is past obsession, it is not freedom of speech or religion, it is hate. Let's call it what it is and not allow these nimrods to frame it as religious freedom.