Friday, July 13, 2007

Guilty Lord Black

I'm not going to shed too many tears over Conrad Black being found guilty ... at least on some of the charges.

Don't cheer just yet - Black and his lawyers could draw this out on appeal for years, and he may never actually serve a day in prison. (As a matter of fact, he only has to wait long enough to convince Bush II to grant a pardon, and he gets off with nothing ... and don't think for a moment this isn't on Lord Black's mind) What is going to happen with the myriad appeals to come out of this is anybody's guess - I wouldn't want to speculate. (I wouldn't be too unhappy to see Black spend a few years in a cell - but I haven't exactly liked the man and his attitude since long before the whole Hollinger fiasco blew up)

I'll give the jury credit - it appears that they weighed each charge and defendant carefully, and made their findings carefully. It would have been very easy for the Jury to either throw the book at the lot of them, or throw it all out simply to get the negotiations over with.

Lord Black has, unfortunately, fostered a rather arrogant, distant public image. (Referring to your shareholders as what amounts to fools doesn't help) I think his attitude towards his shareholders is one of entitlement, and one that allowed him to self-justify his actions towards shareholders.

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