Sunday, July 29, 2007

The World _OWES_ The US?!?

Well, according to newly minted UK PM Gordon Brown, we do. Apparently, it's for all the grand things the US has done in it's "war on terror"

"And we should acknowledge the debt the world owes to the United States for its leadership in this fight against international terrorism," he added.

Let us consider this "leadership" for a moment, shall we? After deciding that a heavy armor invasion of Afghanistan was going to help find Osama Bin Laden. Instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan, not only did Bin Laden become Bin Forgotten, the US redirected its ire at Iraq, leaving the mess in Afghanistan to the rest of the world to mop up.

Then, the case for invading Iraq is made based on "evidence" that would only have made writers like L. Ron Hubbard happy. So far not a single allegation that was used to justify invading Iraq has been substantiated. (Beyond "Saddam Hussein's a nasty man", that is) In the meantime, thousands have died in Iraq - both military and civilian casualties; the chaos of a country that has been invaded by a foreign power has only served to provide more opportunities for the terrorists to gain traction.

About the only thing the US government has succeeded in doing in the "War on Terror" is creating an atmosphere of paranoia. When taking a lighter on an aircraft is considered a lesser threat than a bottle of shampoo, you have to know that things are way out of whack.

When people find themselves denied freedom of mobility and transit because their name (or one like it) appears on a "list" in some hidden government bureaucracy, it seems to me that the paranoia has taken firm root and has become a tool of control rather than having anything to do with "security".

We owe the US government something for this? How about a liberally applied does of common sense?

As for Prime Minister Brown, why doesn't he just get on his knees right off the bat and get it over with?

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