Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Reap What You Sow

Over at AFTAH, we find Peter LaBarbera trying to explain to us why he doesn't permit comments on his blog:

By the way, and for the record, AFTAH does not allow comments to be posted on our website precisely because of the sheer viciousness, vulgarity and ad hominem, hate-filled attacks that characterize so many messages against us from pro-homosexual activists. Responding to the lies and smears would take all of our time. Uncivil homosexual activists would love that.

That's funny Peter, 95% of what I've read on your site is vicious, vulgar and hate-filled. Do you think there might be a correlation? You blatantly show GLBT people a level of disrespect and rudeness that makes what comes spewing forth from Dobson look almost civil.

As an example, let's consider some of what you wrote in the following article:

ob oh boy! A band created by the Lesbian and Gay Band Association — built around men and women who share disordered sexuality and, for some, gender confusion ...

That's just in the start of your tirade, we find you referring to homosexuality as a "disordered sexuality" and transgender people as having 'gender confusion'. It is not just what you say, Peter, it is how you say it. Use the correct terminology instead of inventing something that is obviously intended to be disparaging.

Questions: what deserving, hard-working high school band from Anytown, USA was bumped out by the homosexual marchers in the intense competition to march in the Inaugural Parade? We’re also wondering: do the bisexual LGBT band members get to march in any direction they want? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Your first question is a complete non-sequitur. It implies something that you cannot possibly substantiate, and connects two unrelated issues.

Your second question is so disrespectful of bisexual people it's not even a little bit funny. Which returns me to my original point - you reap what you sow. (and the article I'm picking on is relatively mild compared to some I've seen you publish)

You claim to want a respectful dialogue, but your own writing proves that you are quite incapable of doing so - do you really think that those whom you seek to marginalize are going to just lie down and let you run roughshod over them?

(One little aside - the corollary to "Freedom of Religion" is "Freedom From Religion")

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Anonymous said...

Another quote from the AFTAH site: "...Yep, aside from the murderous Islamic jihadists, it seems nobody hates (or lies) like the Left, and nobody on the Left hates like the homosexual militants ..."

Here he has managed to equate Leftists with homosexual militants and Islamic jihadists. He then goes on to say that they are all liars. FU knuckledragger, take a long hard look at all of the blatant lies the Rethuglicans have spouted over the past years all in an effort to marginalize others or justify the armed invasion of a sovereign nation.

Up here in Canada we have a liar for a P.M. He has been uttering absolute B.S. regarding the constitution ever since the opposition threaten to yank the carpet out from under him. In case you're curious our P.M. is a hard right winger (even by your standards)

It's a pity that you won't try to defend yourself by having an open comments section. Really it just proves what an evil, nasty, mind you have.

I could go on......