Monday, December 08, 2008

So...Where's The Media Hiding?

One of the great whines out of the Con$ is about how the evil media is so biased against them. I've heard this whinging coming out of them for years now - especially in Calgary, where even the local newspapers are blatantly conservative-leaning it's not even funny.

But, that said, I'd like to ask the media in general why they aren't calling the Conservatives out on the blatant lies they've been spewing ever since Big Daddy Harper shot his right foot off with his FU gun.

Either you're scared of this Prime Minister, or you've forgotten that not only is your job to report what happened, but it also behooves you to investigate just a little beyond reporting what falls out of a politician's mouth. Whether you remember it or not, the press is a key part of a successful democracy. If you allow politicians to decide for you what you can or cannot write, then you become the propaganda arm of the politicians.

Quite frankly, the blogosphere has done a better job calling the HarperCon$ out on blatant lies and distortion than the paid media lately. For a group that the Con$ keep claiming is biased against them, it's awfully strange that you are giving them a free ride at this time.

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