Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There's Nothing They Won't Buy

... and in the case of the HarperCon$, it's votes.

It's funny how it goes with this lot. One day, they are busy denigrating the Premier of Ontario for complaining about the seat redistribution:

The seat issue had erupted into such an angry war of words between Ottawa and Ontario that then Conservative government house leader Peter Van Loan called McGuinty "the small man of Confederation" for demanding Ontario get 21 additional seats instead of 10.

Now that big daddy didn't manage to secure his vaunted majority in October, he's suddenly willing to hand over the whole lot to Ontario:

A lengthy and often bitter fight between Ontario and the federal government was quietly resolved last week when Prime Minister Stephen Harper agreed to give the province 21 additional seats in the House of Commons, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday.

Uh huh. Alex, I'll take "Things Harper Will Do For a Majority" for $200, please.

This is nothing more than Harper playing his cards where he thinks he will have the greatest degree of "traction" - and since pouring money into Quebec didn't succeed, he's now spending his attentions on Ontario.

Next up, wait for astonishingly large amounts of money to be poured into Ontario, while Quebec and Alberta get told to bugger off. (Alberta will be ignored because Harper knows full well that he can get a bale of hay elected in this province, so he doesn't have to give a damn)

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