Monday, December 08, 2008

Losing Your Support, Steve?

You might think that when Joseph Ben Ami starts criticizing you Mr. Harper, that you've stepped a few yards over a line.

It's not like the organization Ben Ami runs, the Canadian Centre For Policy Studies, is left leaning (if they started leaning left they might eventually achieve upright...) - in fact Ben Ami is one of McVety's crowd.

But “coup d’├ętat”? “Sedition”? A “subversion of democracy”? Now that Parliament has been prorogued and the crisis averted until at least the end of next month, can we all please, please take a deep breath and relax?

Amazing - a conservative commentator calling out the hyperbole the PMO has been spewing for the last few weeks.

As for “sedition” – well, Mr. Harper’s government was only able to survive for more than 2 ½ years during the previous Parliament because it too had worked out a responsible modus vivendi with the BQ, as any prudent minority government would do. Remember the declaration that Quebec is a nation within Canada? By characterizing the Liberal-NDP willingness to cooperate with the BQ as incitement to treason – which is what sedition is, after all – Mr. Harper and his supporters are not just being insincere; they are engaging in their own brand of incitement. It may serve them well in the short term, but politics has a funny way of exacting revenge on those who practice it with such calculated cynicism. As the Prophet Hosea warned, “Those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.”

Right now, I'd say the word "Conservative" is synonymous with "liar" in this country ... especially where the current government is concerned.

H/T: Queer Thoughts and Canadian Cynic

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