Monday, December 22, 2008

More Penny-a-Point Partisanship Games

Brought to you from the oh-so 'open, accountable' government of PMSH - Electing Bloc MP may have cost town $2-million subsidy ... because in Stephen Harper's Canada, everything is an opportunity for a partisan maneuver.

Radio-Canada quotes sources from the office of Tory MP Christian Paradis, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Quebec lieutenant, as saying the Conservative candidate Claude Durand would have had a better chance of netting the subsidy than the current Bloc MP Paule Brunelle.

Radio-Canada reported that a spokesperson for Mr. Paradis confirmed the federal government wouldn't be granting the subsidy.

How unsurprising - don't vote for Harper, well, his brown-shirts will make sure that for the duration of his government that your region suffers - greatly. (Of course, this is no surprise coming from Alberta - if you aren't on the Con$ party membership rolls, good luck getting your MP to even answer a letter)

On a campaign stop in Trois-Rivieres during the elections, Mr. Harper told Le Nouvelliste that the grant money had already been allocated and that he “was looking forward to working with a Conservative MP.”

Ah - I see Harper's word only extends as far as his party's reach. Vote against him, and you shall be punished.

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