Friday, December 05, 2008

Harper The Cowardly Prime Minister

As it turns out, Mr. Harper fits the stereotype of a bully from stem to stern. Full of bluff and bluster when he thinks he has the upper hand, he runs from any serious challenge to his authority.

In 2007, he prorogued parliament because he had run out of script and didn't want to face the opposition parties in the house.

In 2008, he prorogues parliament again, this time to avoid a confidence vote he knows he would likely lose - less than six weeks after an election he triggered in direct contravention of his own fixed election dates law. The simple fact is that Harper has neither spine nor principles to stand and be accountable for his actions. When faced with a situation he doesn't control, he runs off to Government House to find a way to hide from his peers.

Like Frank Baum's character the Cowardly Lion, Harper is all roar and deep inside he knows that he's faking it.

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