Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Brother!

I see that we have another 'Western Separatist' group sprouting in Alberta. This time, it's Western Business and Taxpayers Association - brainchild of long-time Chandler associate David Crutcher. (Remember him? He was part of Chandler's attempt to take over the Calgary Egmont PC riding association, and he ran as a candidate for the Alberta Alliance party a few years ago)

Over at Bouquets of Gray, the author there has done an outstanding job of checking into the credentials of the executive council. (The B.C. chair is a real piece of work!)

On and off, I have watched the 'western separatist' movement since the late '70s when Doug Christie and the Western Canada Concept emerged. They pop up like dandelions in the lawn - for no apparently good reason, and somewhat at random.

What strikes me is that these groups are always a reactionary response to political events. However, politics is transient - today's crisis is tomorrow's history. Unlike Quebec separatism which has its roots in cultural identity, the 'western separatist movement' really doesn't have much for roots. Reactionary politics is mighty thin soil - people simply don't identify with it in the long run, and I haven't seen one of these groups yet even begin to try and build a cultural identity that Western Canadians can take to heart.


Anonymous said...

Crutcher is at least standing up for his province. Chandler has repeatedly done the same thing. He would have been a far better choice than the liberal/red tory Jonathan Dennis who is now the MLA.

MgS said...

When 'standing up for your province' means throwing in the towel, that's hardly 'standing up' for anything - it's a childish temper tantrum.

I look forward to watching this group slowly descend into irrelevance - like every other "western separatist" group has.

Neither Crutcher or Chandler has demonstrated the kind of focus required to make something take hold - the moment they encounter an obstacle, it's off to the next great way to save their political fortunes.

Craig B. Chandler said...


I run from nothing and continue to fight for what I believe. I run nowhere. I am not in the Alberta PC Party because the leader does not want me.

I remain a federal Tory and a Federalist and I fought for years to merge the parties. Thus saying "...the moment they encounter an obstacle, it's off to the next great way to save their political fortunes" is false.

I still believe Ted Morton would save the Alberta PC Party from the eventual fight that will happen within because of Stalinmach.

Anonymous said...

Denis supported Ted Morton in the leadership race - does that make him a "liberal/red tory"?. I don't really like his politics (way too right wing for me, this blog is more up my alley) - but from his posts he's doesn't seem crazy.

MgS said...

I'm not sure I'd call Denis a "Red Tory". I believe he used to work with Gerald Chipeur, which may have driven him towards the neoCon ranks.

Denis is a bit of an enigma to me, there are things he has said that I agree with and make sense, and there have been other statements that sound like 'dog whistles' to the neoCon elements.

As for Ted Morton, that man I simply disagree with. He's promulgated some pretty ugly, bigot-enabling legislation in the Legislature, and that does not suggest to me that he is the kind of leadership I would like to see in this province.

Anonymous said...

Hardly. Craig Chandler has the support of true conservatives like Rob Anders. That's exactly what we need in this province and Stelmach was scared of Craig.

MgS said...

If Anders is an example of what you call a "True Conservative", then the conservative brand is truly in trouble.

The man is an idiot, a buffoon and somewhat less than useful as an MP.