Sunday, December 21, 2008

We'll See...

It's taken several weeks of outrage, and some pretty bleak economic numbers being published, but Harper seems to be (slowly) coming to a position of actually taking steps with our beleaguered economy.

Rumours are that the Conservative government will inject as much as $30 Billion in the January budget. That's close to the 2% of GDP number that some economic theorists are saying is necessary (worldwide). On the other side of the coin, I'm not so sure it will end up in the right hands.

A big part of the situation we currently find ourselves facing is a direct result of corporate greed ... I'm not sure that the composition of Flaherty's advisory panel (if he even listens to it) reflects that reality or balances itself against it.

I'm skeptical - we'll see what happens in six months or so. (BTW - economic theory isn't the same thing as building a budget, which is half of the reason that Harper's lost at sea right now)

[Update 15:50]
What little optimisim I had just shrank a lot. Harper continues to lie to Canadians about our government, it's hard to believe that they are going to tell us anything honest about the budget and economy.

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Anonymous said...

Well, would you look at that.....Stevie (Shrub Canada) Harer, is employing the oldest trick in the propagandists book, tell a lie, repeat it often. As pointed out in the link it is even more appalling that the interviewers aren't calling him out on his lies.