Friday, August 24, 2007

Recruiting ? They Bitch About Recruitment?!

One of the common talking points out of the Religious Reich is how the GLBT are "recruiting" youth into "the gay lifestyle" {whatever that might actually be}.

I have always found this claim to be somewhat laughable - as it's such an obvious mangling of what's really happening.

However, in gross counterpoint, we find this bit of blatant recruiting on the part of evangelical christians in the US.

Last year, Hutchins and his Christian youth group attended an Acquire the Fire rally in Atlanta, Georgia, he said. Acquire the Fire -- regional rallies held across the country -- and BattleCry -- the larger rallies held this year in only three cities -- are the products of the evangelical Christian organization Teen Mania.

One part concert, one part Christian revival, the rallies seek to "stage a reverse revolution" against secular popular culture. They have the pull of headlining rock concerts, drawing thousands of people regardless of the region of the country, the month of year or the day of the week. The audiences are nearly always predominantly teenagers and young adults.

The mind boggles.


BC WaterBoy said...

The phrase baffle with bullshit immediately comes to mind when I think of the "religious reich" and their dishonest tactics. The only way they can reach an enlightened and somewhat skeptical young generation is through "christian rock". Such a steaming crock.

Anonymous said...

Religious Reich, that's priceless, I'll have to keep that on hand for future comments. As for these religious zealots, the simple definition that best suits their brand of 'faith' (as opposed to 'Faith') is 'Religion is Politics in the name of God'.


eliz said...


i got linked to your site from, God's Warriors thing- which was crazy interesting.
I got a chance to read some of your posts and just wanted to clear up a few things
1. Not all Christians are crazy like that lady who was anti-Harry Potter...i mean i happen to love Harry Potter- a lot. :)
2. Trust me- you guys are not the only ones who were mildly disturbed about the BattleCry/Ron Luce situation... I'm a Christian and even went to a teen mania event once upon a time in my youth- and I think that their organization has veered a little off course since then.

But in all seriousness- I'm not sure if you know any Christian people personally but if you ever want to know what the average non-fox news loving Christian thinks about issues- I would be more than happy to chat!


Grog said...


Most Christians are fairly average people - then there are those who go off the deep end - "christianists" is the term I've used for them in the past.

They've mangled the concept of Christian beyond all recognition, and have begun using it as a club with which to bludgeon others. Those are the clowns at whom my irritation is directed.