Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chandler on CTV

It appears that CFCN picked up on Chandler's little tirade as well - and they've posted an interview with him as well.

In it, he continues to reiterate his asinine "if you're not a conservative, leave" tirade. To which I can only say this: "Piss Off, Craig!" There are Albertans who have lived here a lot longer than you have who are not rabid, fundamentalist conservative ideologues...I'm one of them!

Additionally, I'm sad to say, but Stelmach's comments on the matter don't exactly inspire me, either. This is an issue where Stelmach needs to come out and be very clear, forceful and unambiguous in squelching Chandler's BS. I wouldn't say he did that.

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Niles said...

I'd be more likely to believe any tut-tutting from Premier Ed for Chandler, if it wasn't for the fact Rob Anders was so blindly supported in his federal seat in town.

Chandler raised money and votes for the Cons in Ontario before he came here as a born-again Albertan? No wonder he's confident about the Tory nomination meeting. Whether he gets an actual reality check at the actual polls is another thing.