Saturday, August 25, 2007

Conservative Grubbermint - Arrogant AND Condescending

Via Canadian Cynic, we find out the latest attempt by the Con$ in Ottawa to undermine Canada's democracy.

The blatant intellectual dishonesty of this "liason to the government" is amazing. There is already an MP duly elected and sitting in the House of Commons. This particular maneuver is little more than an expression of a thin-skinned party that is unwilling and unable to actually deal with anyone who doesn't fit into their narrow little ideological framework.

With their core roots in Alberta, our Federal Con$ simply have no idea what democracy really looks like. As a consequence, they conduct themselves as if they have a Ralph Klein landslide majority, and with an arrogance the price of which Stelmach's backers are only just beginning to pay. Unlike Ralph Klein, Stephen Harper doesn't exactly make a "great connection" with the voters.

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