Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just Where Do These People Come From?

Remember that bridge collapse in Minnesota last week?

Well, it seem that Rotting Cryptkeeper Fred Phelps has decreed that it was an act of "God" in punishment to Minnesotans for allowing GLBT people to live there.

Apparently, the Phelps clan will be protesting at the funerals of those who died on that bridge when it collapsed.

Quoting PZ Myers of the Pharyngula blog:

I wonder what happens on the day a blood clot stops Phelps' black and shriveled lump of cardiac muscle. Will his followers stand around at his funeral, howling about damned fags and fag enablers?

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Anonymous said...

The American principle of free speech at all costs gives them the pleasure of listening to the Phelp's clan. Funny how there was little to no backlash against these freaks until they started picketing soldiers funerals, picketing the funerals of gay men, not so bad. to me the Phelps' are not that unusual and represent pretty much everything that's wrong with the US. They're no different than Dobson, Falwell and other religious right thugs that control public policy in the US. It's beyond comprehension that they have become so utterly obsessed with harming gay people and their families though. If the Feds down there had any balls or concern for equality, they would have stopped this nonsense in it's tracks, but, they're a big part of the overall problem. The astonishing tactics of the Phelps would certainly not be tolerated here, one thing we can thank "god" for.