Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Media Awakens ...

Slowly, it would seem.

The uproar over Stephen Harper's deliberate attempt to undermine Canada's democracy by appointing Houston, B.C.'s mayor as the "Conservative Government Liason" in a BC riding has been rattling around the blogosphere for some time now.

At long last, we find a few comments appearing in The Vancouver Sun, making observations that many in the blogosphere have already made since the story first bubbled its way to the surface.

As if Harper's other antics haven't been bad enough, deliberate attempts to undermine the democratic foundations of our government should outrage Canada's electorate. Conservative campaign signs last election read "demand better" - this is one Canadian that is demanding a government a damn sight better than the bunch of thin-skinned partisan yahoos that are currently gorging at the trough on the government side of the House of Commons!

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