Sunday, August 05, 2007

C-Ya, Gordon

If this article from CTV is correct, Gordon O'Connor is a gone cabinet minister.

Sources say they expect Harper will put Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice into Defence and move O'Connor to Veterans Affairs.

Prentice, who chairs the operations committee of cabinet and is the defacto deputy prime minister, is highly regarded by Harper for his political and management skills.

Greg Thompson will likely be shifted from Veterans to Revenue.

Oda, who is judged by the PMO to be a weak minister, will be given a less onerous post.

It's possible bilingual B.C. MP James Moores could take over Heritage. Jason Kenney, the bilingual minister of state for multiculturalism and Canadian identity, might also be a candidate for promotion.

I'm not sure that giving leading greaseball Jason Kenney a more senior cabinet post is a good idea. That man is as arrogant as Harper himself, and even less likable.

I imagine that this will be an "election cabinet" - one that Harper thinks will be a "strong, united" face for his government in an election.

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