Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dear Mayor Mills:

Please look in the mirror.

Sez Truro's Mayor:

Mayor Bill Mills is standing by the vote, saying, as a Christian, he simply could not support the request.

"God says I'm not in favour of that and I have to look at it and say, I guess I'm not either," Mills said.

The mayor said gays and lesbians already have equal opportunities and work and pension benefits, so he wonders what else they're fighting for.

Do these clowns ever look themselves in the mirror? Do they ever think about their own words? His own statement, or perhaps the debate itself in Truro is a clue for his query.

Of course, Mayor Mills goes further and makes exactly the kind of misinformed, quasi-paranoid comment that tells you oh-so much about the underlying prejudice this man harbors:

By raising the rainbow flag, he added, that might open the door for other groups.

"If I have a group of people that says pedophiles should have rights, do we raise their flag too? I don't want to lump them in with homosexuals, but that's the point, the issues, and that's my feeling.

"There doesn't seem to be standards anymore. Everything is OK, everything is a go."

Good grief. Once again we see yet another elected official open their yaps and show us all exactly how ill-informed they really are. Okay, he's a professed "Christian", big deal. Not only has he pulled out the old "gays are pedophiles" saw, he's also essentially claimed that the GLBT people are "immoral" people who have no "moral standards". While his "beliefs" may tell him this is 'truth', that doesn't make it so.

It occurs to me that this man is exactly the reason that pride events have been a part of the GLBT rights movement in the first place. He's one of the "keep it in the closet" types who sees nothing wrong with firing somebody because of who they love becoming public knowledge.


Anonymous said...

The thing that irks me the most about idiots like this professed christian is that religion is really just a crutch to justify an underlying prejudice. I don't see very many christians (actually, none at all) going after other "sinners" with the same zeal and viciousness they direct at LGBT people.

Stephanie said...

God says I'm not in favour of that

God is against raising the rainbow flag at city hall? When exactly did he say that and since when is the mayor of a small city appointed as the spokesperson for an infinite deity?

That statement is a lie, anyway, since god is the one who actually invented the rainbow. Why wouldn't he want to see it everywhere?