Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Picking Up On Chandler...

[Update 19:20]
Over at Daveberta's blog, the comments are positively hilarious - especially when someone pops up to defend Chandler's insane rantings

Also via Daveberta, we find this little turd that he mentioned a while ago on Project Alberta as part of his strategy for dragging Alberta's PCs even further into the extreme right wing ...

The domain registration is via Chandler's PGIB group...


I've been waiting for this for some time. At long last, we finally see people in the media picking up on Chandler's latest insanity.

Today, it's columnist Rick Bell in the Calgary Sun, pointing out the utter insanity of Chandler's If you aren't a PC, leave Alberta tirade.

Amusingly, in a move almost as brazenly stupid as Ralph Klein's infamous "Bums-and-Creeps" speech, Chandler basically tries to blame all the people who are moving into Alberta for Ed Stelmach's plummeting support numbers:

Alberta is growing in a way that was never expected and many of the people coming here do not truly appreciate Alberta or even understand the history of this province or the relationship with the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. To those of you who have come to our great land from out of province, you need to remember that you came here to our home and we vote conservative.

Newsflash, Craig. Not all Albertans vote conservative. Frightening to you, some of might even consider voting Liberal on occasion. After all, anyone who has ties to the liberal party (or anything that is left of Chandler's ideas) is clearly untrustworthy:

Lastly, the polls are manipulated, at least anything by Cameron Strategies. Cameron Strategies are Liberals and can't be trusted.

Sure, Craig. We'll keep in mind that like most bullies, you actually believe that you have a monopoly on "truth"(™).

We are all "real Albertans", Craig - and our opinions do not become invalid because we step into this province.


Niles said...

It's nice to meet a nativist and not so closeted Alberta secessionist. "our great land" "our home" "we vote conservative". Kewl. So, I've *never* been Albertan? Never mind he's forgetting the Conservatives took over from the Socreds lo these many years past, who are running against the Conservatives as a party again. Are people who vote SoCred also to blame?

Ya know, I'm thinking that Chandler might be sweating just a wee bit. His political dreams of riding the 'low turn out, vote for a brain damaged guinea pig so long as it has the Conservative banner' wave could go up in a puff of logic if people actually voted on things like, you know...substance, during the actual election...instead of the Conservative nomination meeting, which everyone in this province knows has been the actual election for years.

And I'm sure he's speaking directly to the voters in his would be riding with his respectful "big daddy" attitude, because whining they are ungrateful aliens if they don't lockstep with him is *sure* to bring them around to his thinking.

I just hope Chandler and his 'friends' keep on talking and keep on getting that talk published. Best advertising for the other parties that could happen.

Anonymous said...

How vain (or conceited) can Craig be? He thinks that anybody that does not agree with him and his perverse view of things is against him. He is just a lazy slob who wants all to bow down to him. If it wasn't for his mummy and daddy, his grass would never be cut and he might have to buy his own cars.

You have to love democracy where even the idiots can run for office.