Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Because...

I spotted this little piece of fluff during my morning stumblings through the Globe and Mail.

I'm just old enough to have caught a few of the original live-action Batman shows when they ran as reruns on TV in the '70s. Pure Cheez(™), but they were kind of fun in their own way.

It's kind of nice to see an actor enjoy their lives in the years following the performances that define them so strongly in the public imagination ... and Adam West really seems to do that.

I can only imagine that there's a little snark or hyperbole in this comment though:

Why do you do these conventions? Don't some of the obsessive fans scare you?

No, not so much, because I have five bodyguards at all times, with automatic weapons.

At a SciFi Con? WTF? I suppose a few loons do exist in every community, but the fans I know are in the category of "eccentric, but mostly harmless". Perhaps it's an American thing...

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