Monday, August 27, 2007

The Con$ervative "Family Values" Bandwagon

The HarperCon$ have long tried portray themselves as the "family values" party - in a strategy that echoes the path and approaches of the Bush II Rethuglicans in the States.

Well, in their latest little game of undermining Canadian democracy, they apparently forgot to do the requisite sanity checks on whom they were thrusting into the public spotlight.

I like Garth Turner's take on the matter, it more or less echoes my own sentiments. The pictures themselves, I could care less about. What they symbolize, I find outright offensive - a disrespect for an elected office and what it represents.

Perhaps a little like Bill Clinton's dalliances with Monica Lewinsky, the actions themselves reflect poor moral judgment more than anything else. However, when paired with a party that has tried to claim some kind of higher ground morally and ethically with the voters, it is yet another piece of evidence of just how power-hungry and dishonest the HarperCon$ really are ... and apparently hypocrites on their "morality" play as well.

The voters in Skeena deserve far better than this ... they deserve a government that is not so amazingly partisan that it cannot bring itself to listen to MPs from other parties who represent their constituents in Ottawa. The HarperCon$ clearly are not that party.

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