Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stevie's At It Again!

I see PMSH is flexing his flaccid muscles in Afghanistan again.

"Yes, there remain challenges," the prime minister said as Karzai looked on. "But our determination is strong. We are not daunted by shadows because we carry the light that defines them — the light of freedom of human rights and the rule of law."

Ummm...challenges - that's a euphemism, right? I'm sure the troops over there being shelled by Taliban forces, or having navigate around IED's on the roads consider their position "challenging".

Of course, Harper denies that this trip has anything at all to do with covering up his crappy government's plunging fortunes:

The prime minister dismissed suggestions his trip was in response to waning support of the Afghan mission at home, telling reporters: "I'm not here because of the polls. I'm here because it's the right thing to do."

The only reason this clown gets any kind of boost in the polls afterwards is that most people think "isn't that nice, we're "helping" the Afghans defeat the evil Taliban". Newsflash - in case nobody has notice the Taliban ARE Afghani - which means even if they go to ground and make it look like they are defeated, they will just resurface after occupying troops withdraw. (Anybody else remember just how successfully the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan?)

Harper's testosterone-laden foreign policy takes its cues from George W. Bush - and that is enough to condemn it to the dustbin of history as a monumental f**k-up. (Is anybody else wondering why Harper's doing this trip, while our MIA Foreign Affairs Minister MacKay is strangely silent?)

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MAS said...

Heard on the 7:00am CBC news that one soldier was overheard saying that the visit was a wasted morning. Seems he was not impressed.