Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shorter PMSH: Look ... Over There !

Our Conservative government is engaging in the politics of deflection. Generally, whenever asked a question in the House of Commons, Tory ministers (including PMSH) will slavishly repeat whatever discredited talking point that the PMO has concocted and then turn around and accuse the opposition of being hypocrites.

Yesterday, PMSH decided that rather than deal with the incompetence that riddles his cabinet, he'd attack Stephane Dion for some daft thing that Elizabeth May said in a speech. So, apparently, something said in a speech is more important than a government's policies in PMSH's mind. The "do-nothing" climate plan, a budget that sells Canada's businesses out, or ongoing bungling of our engagement in Afghanistan are not as important as a pithy quote from a party leader who isn't even sitting in the House? I don't think so.

In related news, the Cons are cranking up the propaganda machine. The headlines this morning are riddled with obvious attempts to deflect our attention from the ineptitude in Ottawa:

Hillier takes Stanley Cup, former NHL'ers to Afghanistan

- Gotta make us feel good about sending our young men and women to a war zone, don'cha know!

MacKay will look into spying reports

- Ooooh the menace of the "Other" among us - they must be up to no good!

Meanwhile, our 'gnu Government' hopes we'll ignore things like this:

Backlog, quality concerns plague RCMP DNA testing: AG

(Remember, PMSH tried valiantly to protect the lying scumbag Zaccardelli recently, and is obviously loathe to actually insist that the RCMP clean their house - after all, his new law regime will require more police, and ferreting out the useless and inefficient - or corrupt - would reduce the force somewhat.

Hillier pushed flawed detainee plan

Or perhaps, Gen. Hillier should be reviewed by parliamentary committee? I know that Harper and Hillier seem to get on rather well these days, but one has to question the competence of a military leader that doesn't even seem to consider that Foreign Affairs might be appropriately involved in international negotiations.

However, it does seem that some cracks are appearing in the veneer of Conservative "unity" under Harper, as the letter that Garth Turner published yesterday shows:

But the reason that you seem stalled is that people like me are mortified to tell anyone, even pollsters, that I support you. I just don’t want anyone to think I’m as mean and nasty as all of those who claim to speak for our side.

That last quote is somewhat disturbing as it indicates that the person would still vote for Harper, but when your own rank and file membership are expressing discomfort with the approach and positions you are adopting, that's not good news.

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