Saturday, May 26, 2007

Harper's Priorities: Military First

Harper seems to think that aggrandizing the military is more important than your civil rights.

At a fundraiser for a local military museum, Harper and O'Connor announced the commitment of $5 million dollars to build a library of military history onto the museum.

The number $5 million is interesting - because that's about the budget of the Court Challenges Program.

Apparently, in Harper's little world, propaganda is more important than your individual rights and freedoms:

"Stories of heroism, camaraderie and sacrifice ... bind us together as a people and define us as a country which stands for human rights," said Harper, who earned applause when he reiterated his government's intention to rebuild the Canadian Forces.

"This is not just about hardware and dollars," he said.

"This is about recognition and respect."

The contribution to the Military Museums helps fund a tangible telling of the sacrifices and successes made by serving men and women for generations to come, he said.

Don't make the mistake of assuming I'm anti-military - I'm not, nor do I think it's unreasonable to fund museums - although Harper's spending cuts have also slashed funding to non-military oriented museums which leaves me deeply suspicious of his motives.

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