Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is It Desperation?

Evilscientist's ruminations about the Cons latest round of attack/smear ads going after Dion got me thinking.

Is it really desperation on the part of the Cons, or perhaps it's really just the nastiness of this group coming to the surface?

I've argued for years that the most prominent of the Reform/Alliance/CPoC are fundamentally bullies. Guys like Jason Kenney, or Rob Anders. Generally speaking, they'll try to shout or sneer down anyone who dares question their wisdom. When Harper put John Baird into play as the Environment Minister, it was a pretty clear signal - 'Fine, you don't like me doing nothing, so I'll put someone in place who will shout down your criticisms' - which is more or less exactly what Baird's done.

Ultimately, the Conservative "attack ads" are little more than a bullying tactic. As Evilscientist pointed out, it really just tells us that the Cons don't have anything particularly good to tell Canadians about themselves.

As an aside, the Liberal Party youth wing has come up with their own ads which critique the Cons - not personally, but their government: here. (They're clearly aimed at a young crowd, but are an amusing poke at the Cons ... without getting into smear campaigning)

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