Monday, May 14, 2007

Conservatives: Corrupt, Dishonest and Lousy Liars

In the ongoing story of Crooked Cons in Government, we have more from the profligate spending of our Labour Minister.

After Peter Van Loan claimed that the Conservative Labour Minister spent less than his Liberal predecessor:

"The fact is, the expenses of the Conservative labour minister during 2006 were less than the comparable expenses for the Liberal minister during 2005,'' Peter Van Loan, the Conservative House leader, told the Commons last Monday after an Access to Information request by the NDP turned up Blackburn's hidden air travel.

Along comes reality today, and slaps both Van Loan and Blackburn upside the head:

acques Saada, the former Liberal minister for Quebec regional economic development, spent $66,000 on charter flights in 2005 and publicly posted every flight and its cost. The link to those "proactive disclosures'' is found on the same government web page as Blackburn's current expenses, which failed to disclose a penny of almost $150,000 in charter flights for 2006.

Saada's 2005 expense reports fire a pair of missiles into last week's Tory defence of Blackburn.

Next up - Peter Van Loan tries to convince us that he's honest because the Liberals must have all been corrupt.

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