Sunday, May 13, 2007

Using Religion As An Excuse To Bully

I've been very disturbed by the actions of various religious lobbyists on the political stages of the world in recent years.

Whether we are talking about the Pope denying communion to "pro-choice" politicians, or the insane howlings of lobbyists like Peter LaBarbera, there is a fundamental underlying behaviour here - that of the bully.

Bullying depends upon the existence of a threat, occasionally reinforced by some kind of implementation of that threat in some way. Bullying depends upon a degree of public humiliation in order to be effective.

When clergy stand up and publicly talk about denial of communion to politicians who fail to tow the line put forth by the clergy, they put on the public stage two threats. The first threat is to the "immortal soul" of that politician. For some, this will be a significant threat by itself, but the more important aspect is the threat of public humiliation that is carried by making the declaration so publicly. The threat is in fact twofold, and is designed to coerce people to a particular line of action regardless of the political and legal realities.

While the Pope may worry about "relativism", one has to question the validity of any argument put forth but supported primarily by means of forceful coercion.


BC WaterBoy said...

The religious bully mentality is rampant in the US. The very fact that they are allowing people to vote on the fundamental rights of a minority is reflective of that and the bible is always used as the excuse, but when you cut to the chase, LGBT people are viewed as an easy target. Bullies always look for the easy target because otherwise, they would not get away with it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all have seen the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council's decision regarding FREEDOM RADIO NETWORK on AM 1140 radio.

It confirms that Craig Chandler has difficulty telling the truth and calls his program ELECTRONIC BULLYING.

I guess that's their diplomatic way of saying that Chandler should just shut the f--- up.

Grog said...

Why, yes I did - my comments are here...